Download the Programs.

Download MrNFL, MrCFB and MrOfficePool here. Downloading the .exe (installation file) in windows will likley cause it to block and give a warning about a potentially dangerous program because it is not commonly downloaded. The .zip file will download without warning, but you'll need to unzip it before running the .exe file inside. The .exe file is safe and will be scanned/checked as you download. The warning is exactly as it is described, it is "unknown" to your computer, is an executable and will therefore install something (the program itself) on your computer, so you should be careful (and scan it with an anti-virus/anti-malware program).

On the "trust me" side of the argument, the programs have been around over 20 years and haven't had a virus yet!

MrNFL 2021 version (2021/2022 season). MrNFL Installation File MrNFL Zip File
MrCFB New 2021 version. MrCFB Installation File MrCFB Zip File
MrfficePool 2021. (2021/2022 season) MrOfficePool Installation File MrOfficePool Zip File